Envisioning the Future: Strategies to Ensure Your Club Thrives for the Next 100 Years

Recognizing the importance of excelling in the present, we envision our clients’ clubs thriving 100 years from now. We encourage clubs to focus on what future generations of members will want and expect from their club, the facilities and social fabric. National Club Association has written a great article on this topic. Check it out: […]

Annual Business Plan

Most private clubs utilize an annual budget and have a strategic plan; however, these tools are rarely integrated. The Club Council recommends an annual business plan to connect long-term strategy with the club’s ongoing financial plans. A club’s annual business plan ensures that resources are allocated effectively, provides operational guidance, and preserves member satisfaction through […]

Committee Charters

Is your club effectively using committee charters? A committee charter serves as a guiding document outlining the purpose, composition, responsibilities, and operational framework of a committee within the club. It establishes a clear mission, objectives, and scope for the committee’s activities, ensuring alignment with the overall goals of the club. The charter defines the committee’s authority, […]

Committee Framework

Have you reviewed your committee framework lately? The Club Council believes an effective committee structure is fundamental to a high performing board. Review our sample framework to see how your club compares.

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