Executive Search

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your executive placement needs. We specialize in Chief Executive and senior leadership positions including but not limited to:

  • General Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Golf
  • Head Golf Professional
  • Superintendent Executive
  • Executive Chef
  • Assistant General Manager 

Executive Search

Executive search begins with a thoughtful and thorough process. From discovery of your club’s culture, operations, and identity, through to a comprehensive selection process and placement, we will provide guidance every step along the way. Our focused approach is built on a foundation of extensive experience in the private club and recruitment industry, and we work diligently to integrate top-tier talent that fits seamlessly into your organization.

What you can expect as a valued Client:

  • A priority of delivering a high level of personalized service with responsiveness and accessibility to your tCC Partner throughout the entire process and after placement to ensure success.
  • We present only talent that we believe is a strong fit for your club and will not waste your time with “fillers” – quality matters, not quantity.
  • We utilize a proprietary tool to help diagnose any governance matters that can hinder finding the right executive fit for your organization.
  • A guarantee is provided on all our placements.
  • Post-placement support through onboarding recommendations, a 100-day retreat, and quarterly check-ins for the first year to ensure the relationship and placement are successful.
  • Care and consideration for the experience of our candidates – we are representing you and promise to handle all candidate interactions with excellent service and respect.

Our Process


At the Onset:
We really get to know your club. Our thorough process begins with a two-day site visit that includes a property tour and itinerary of key meetings and introductions to understand your club’s dynamics and the leadership qualities most desirable in your club executive.


Further Diligence:
Selecting the right leader isn’t solely about qualifications; it’s about aligning the leader with your club’s unique governance structure and member dynamics. When applicable, we offer our own proven governance review process as part of the discovery process to help determine the leadership style that will fit best and complement your club’s governance model and culture. 


Recruiting Top Talent:
We actively seek candidates who align with both the profile we have crafted and your desired results. Our success lies in our established network of club professionals and ability to identify top-tier talent even before they consider a job change. We often present professionals who were not actively seeking new opportunities until we contacted them. We take the specifications identified in our curated position overview, which serves as our benchmark, and use it as a measuring tool during the candidate selection process. 


Fully Guided Interview & Selection Process:
A combination of interviewing by video and in-person is facilitated and coordinated by your tCC Partner and our team. Our interviewing tools and guidance make for a thorough and insightful process. Advancing candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, experiences, and style through a variety of leadership assessments and presentations so you can see them in a multi-faceted light.


Post-Placement Onboarding Experience:
Ensuring your club executive is ready to step into their new role without surprises, we provide you with onboarding recommendations upon hiring and mark our calendars for a 100-day retreat to visit and meet with you and your club executive. Staying in touch, maintaining the relationship, and proactively mitigating any potential roadblocks is the key to enduring success.

Interim Services

During transitional phases, clubs often find themselves in urgent need of effective leadership solutions while in the process of securing a permanent executive. Our firm offers a slate of exceptionally qualified and industry-seasoned interim managers, poised for immediate placement. These seasoned professionals possess the requisite expertise to seamlessly assume pivotal roles, guaranteeing the uninterrupted functioning of your club throughout periods of transition.

Our interim services provide an invaluable bridge, allowing the club to maintain its momentum while we work diligently to identify the ideal permanent candidate. Interim services are available to clients with whom we are already engaged for executive search work.

Succession Planning

Ensuring seamless transitions is paramount to sustained stability and success. Succession planning emerges as a vital strategy to minimize gaps and uphold continuity during periods of change within leadership roles. Succession Planning services can assist you with identifying high potential employees either internally or externally and create a plan to coach them up to their future role, while nurturing the very valuable institutional knowledge they are building along the way in preparation for their transition.  

We offer services related to succession planning that include:

  • Customizing a succession strategy that fits the needs of your club
  • Talent assessment and recruitment 
  • Career pathing for high potential internal candidates
  • Mentoring and coaching to get your placement to the level required for success
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