Strategic Planning

A Comprehensive Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Retreats

A focused review of the club’s mission and vision, the club’s current state, an assessment of long-term goals and the strategies and actions to achieve those objectives.

Member Survey Design

The Club Council will coordinate a strategic planning survey, interpret the results and supply a written report of key findings.

Facilities Planning Consultation

Aimed at guiding the strategic planning process and assisting in the execution of a facilities planning process and providing advisory services for the duration of the project.

A Comprehensive Strategic Planning Process

A Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for navigating uncertainties, capitalizing on opportunities, and mitigating risks effectively. By engaging in strategic planning, clubs can align their resources, initiatives, and member engagement efforts with clear objectives and priorities. This proactive approach enables clubs to stay ahead of industry trends, adapt to changing member preferences, and foster sustainable growth. Moreover, strategic planning fosters cohesion among club leadership, staff, and members, promoting a shared vision and collective action towards common goals. In essence, a strategic plan serves as a guiding compass, steering clubs towards resilience, innovation, and continued excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of private club management.

The Strategic Plan is the culmination of a collaborative, in-depth analysis to determine:

  • Who are we?
  • Where are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • How do we get there?

The foundational phase establishes the organizational structure, timeline, and creation of the communication plan, essential for building member consensus. Reaffirmation of the mission, vision, and values creates the essential foundation for a comprehensive process including:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Strategic plan and priority goals
  • Implementation plan

The Initial Findings Report utilizes information generated from the discovery process which includes an RFI (Request for Information), board survey, working sessions, focus groups, and in most cases, a member survey. The report features a situational analysis (SWOT) for consideration as well as observations and recommendations specific to the Key Success Factors:

  • Organization and team
  • Governance
  • Membership
  • Culture
  • Facilities
  • Finance and resources
  • Brand and competitive set
  • External influences

Through an engaged member and staff leadership team, a draft Strategic Plan is created. The Implementation Plan with specific milestones ensures goals are monitored and achieved promptly. 

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