Board Governance

Board Governance Services

Strong governance practices safeguard the club’s assets and reputation and promote long-term viability. With clear structures in place for leadership, financial management, and member engagement, clubs can navigate challenges effectively and sustainably. Our board governance services are crafted to reinforce the strengths of our clients while actively seeking opportunities for improvement. We understand that every club has its unique identity, and our approach is tailored to each client.

Board Governance Reviews

Board governance in the club industry is evolving and it is important for Directors to periodically push the pause button on regularly scheduled agenda items to reassess how the board carries out its fiduciary responsibilities and to ask if members consider the board a strategic asset. During this review we look at how the board does its work, e.g., meeting logistics, agendas, and priorities, and how it partners with the CEO. We then share recommendations to enhance the board’s effectiveness.

Board Performance Assessments

The annual board performance review is an opportunity for board development and accountability which maximizes board effectiveness.

Board and Committee Framework Reviews

Clubs grow and change. Committees play a pivotal role in optimizing board effectiveness. This review helps the board evaluate the efficacy of its board governance structure, ensuring the board is equipped to effectively oversee club operations, risks and strategy, and foster success.

Board Retreats

A board retreat may focus on board governance, strategy, goal setting or other matters.

Board Composition and Nominating

Proactively reviewing a board’s composition and engaging in director succession planning demonstrates accountability and ensures the board has the skills and experience it needs to successfully do its work.

Board Education

To serve successfully, directors must continually update their knowledge of the club, the industry, and the broader operational landscape. Board education begins with an extensive orientation and onboarding process, continues at each meeting, and is enhanced by outside sources.

Board and GM/CEO Relations

A good board-GM partnership is critical to a club’s success. Directors must ensure effective communications, set guardrails, and align on the club’s measurable benchmarks.

Customized Board Governance Reviews

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