Other Services

Club Startups

The Club Council specializes in advising club startups, offering comprehensive support. Our pragmatic approach considers both visionary goals and practical feasibility, ensuring a solid foundation for development. We provide guidance through every phase, from facility design and programming to documentation such as bylaws and club policies. Additionally, we take a proactive role in organizational structuring and staffing, including the development of the organizational chart and recruitment of key personnel. 

Coaching & Leadership Development

Many clubs struggle with performance management and development. Challenges arise from unclear criteria, inadequate communication, and inconsistency. 

Let us help with. . .

  • Coaching, mentoring, and professional development planning
  • Working with the CEO to create a sustainable performance review process for managers
  • Creating performance metrics and a review process for the club’s CEO/GM

Operational Assessments

Operational assessments offer detailed, objective feedback from experienced operators tailored to your club’s goals and member expectations. We evaluate all member service activities, measure staff performance and provide anonymous reporting. This constructive tool helps establish facility standards and identify areas for improvement, including employee training needs and opportunities to exceed member expectations throughout the property. 

Golf Tournament Advice

Our team at The Club Council has extensive experience in hosting and conducting golf championships. We offer clubs comprehensive expertise, insights, and guidance necessary for successfully hosting both amateur and professional golf tournaments. We will work together with the club’s board and management to make the tournament a success.

The Challenge

Private clubs may have interest in learning how to host an amateur or professional golf tournament and how to become aligned with an amateur or professional golf association. We can offer guidance and insight, aiding the club in understanding the process. Our role includes providing a third-party opinion on current circumstances and opportunities for further success with contracted events. Additionally, we can offer insights into course enhancements and their effects on grounds operations. Ultimately, a collaborative partnership with the community is necessary.

The Plan

A Club Council consultant will meet with board and management representatives to evaluate current perspectives and focus on the goal and expectation the club. No matter where you are along the journey of tournament interest or participation, we can lend perspective based on our numerous amateur and professional experiences.

The Result

We work with our clients to define a course of action for the club, its board, and management. We help the club with its planning to achieve realistic goals and illustrate the type of effort that may be involved. Hosting large golf events requires a strong club commitment and a clear mission.

We can:

  • Diagnose the readiness of the club and surrounding community.
  • Define the brand and organizational impact in the club and community.
  • Aid the club’s understanding of principal elements to consider, prevent unexpected outcomes, and realize goals.
  • Advise on tournament services, logistics, operations, budgeting, and management.
  • Implement player and volunteer services, committee structure, and volunteer manuals.
  • Develop and create sponsorship packages.
  • Prepare the club for execution of the event.
  • Anticipate restoration efforts required following the tournament.
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